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AesopsHadAFox8 karma

A warning to anyone reading this, their store support program is broken. We as an LGS haven't received promos in about a year, have had no one respond to our emails, and have also helped a neighbor store attempt to sign up with no avail. They have missed their ship dates on both the June and July promos they announced through distributors as well, so if you're looking for support, you will not find it from Stone Blade Entertainment.

AesopsHadAFox3 karma

Hi Justin, I'm just wondering if you know what the state of the promo cards for Ascension are like? As a game-store owner, I've loved promoting Ascension, but the Game Day promos ran dry in the middle of last year and there has been no news, AND no response from your support team, on their return and getting new stores on the Game Finder.

As well, our store didn't receive promos for Dawn of Champions, and the promos we pre-ordered through GTS for June and July are nowhere in sight. Can you give me some info to go on with where these stand?

I hate losing out on a routine chance to play your game with my customers.