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  1. What is the minimum hours a student in high school or college sleep? Is it for the entire day or at night?
  2. Does night shift mode on phones really help in getting a better sleep?

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Hey David, 1. How do you make different languages? 2. Do you forget some of the words that you created? 3. Will you be able to have a full conversation with one of the language that you created? 4. Which language that you created is your favorite? 5. Can you say a name in another language or rephrase it in a cooler way? If yes, do it with the name “Aeden”.

Thanks a lot for doing this!!!!

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  1. How do you write/compose music with different emotions?
  2. How was you experience working with Hans Zimmer
  3. What is your favorite composition?

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Why can’t all the supercomputers run simulations and things to create a vaccine?

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What do you think about Starlink? Any idea how much it’ll cost?