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Presumably it's because the police decided to do their job and present him before the court. It's the judge's/magistrate's job to look at the evidence and determine whether it was a justified use of force.

I daresay the assailants would have a different story of the night's events.

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Hi Steve,

Rupert Murdoch, as the CEO of a massive media company, openly jumped into the Australian political debate through a massive Anti-Labor campaign.

You speak about leadership, but did anyone at iiNet consider running any advertisements that educated people about the potential benefits of a proper NBN? It didn't need to be pro-Lab, or Anti-Lib, just Pro-NBN.

iiNet would have a lot to gain through the improvement of internet technology in this country, especially with Fetch running out of steam, and the Murdoch stranglehold of the traditional media.

It seems that iinet was content to let the NBN die without firing a shot.

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This is probably the aspect of the Greens platform that I used to disagree with the most.

But, the time for building traditional nuclear fission power plants has passed. They take a huge amount of resources and (importantly) time to construct. What's more, they're not real flash in terms of economic viability.

The payoff used to be that while they produced this awful waste, they emit less CO2 and are far and away safer than coal.

But, they take years to build. Current designs work on a 4 year build time, but the Finnish and French crews building these models are already behind schedule. Given how our government works, feasibility studies, site inspections, etc; if we started pursuing this tomorrow, I don't think we'd see power flow for 10 years.

So, where is renewable going to be in 10 years? I think, based on the rate of advancement in technology in that field we're going to see massive jumps in the power output of those forms in 10 years hence. What's more, as they're far cheaper, we can start installing them right away to take the pressure off the coal grid, and make a more immediate impact of emissions.

Of course, I would still like to see investigation into Thorium, or Fusion as options.

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We've got two years to come up with something old Rupert will hear in in his posh suite in London.

Thanks for replying even though it's after 5pm in WA! Go home!

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Wow, amazing.

I noticed you're wearing high boots in a few photos - do people look at you strange? I think you should be proud of it! Good prosthetics are a symbol of everything that's great about this world.