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Except when shes trying to take Dolly Partons man

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Know anyone hiring someone with a TS clearance?

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Well its a focused school you dont need all the fluff traditional college has right like those 3 sciences credits to earn an accounting degree and 2 levels of comp courses. I mean id say this is more like a trade/vocational school.

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So how did you get your start with the CIA? Figure most start out military through a 35 series MOS usually 35M human intel. But I have to assume some get a masters degree in counter terrorism and can join right up assuming the can get the TS and pass the SCI poly. But as someone with a TS and military background who would love to be the guy working the loading dock at the CIA am curious how you got your foot in there.

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Was 35N in the army when I got out I looked for a bit to use my TS, but only job offer I got was UAV repair in hot zones overseas and passed hard on that one even if the money was good was done doing 12hr 7 days a week. But other than that got looked at for a JSOC team once but got passed over. Haven't looked in a couple years but if you have any names of contractors to email my resume to feel free to drop them.