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Have you heard of the new evidence suggesting underdeveloped jaws/long faces are entirely due to our environment and not genetics? Aka lack of breastfeeding as a baby and the modern diet of softer foods. It’s kinda unraveling that the way our faces develop is more under our control than we thought

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My man. I’m not a medical expert by any means, but this information is going to change everything. In all fields of health, but especially orthodontics. Please check out the book “jaws”


Or, check out some YouTube videos on orthotropics. If you end up believing this theory, it will change the way you look at people and you will realize there is cranial deformity in a majority of the worlds population to various degrees. You’ll be able to look at any given person and be able to tell right away how much their face grew to it’s genetic design or not. I really can’t overstate how much this is going to change orthodontics and health in the future. This is mainly because the amount of this deformity determines the size of our airway and the amount of oxygen we take with every breath.

Also, I’d love for this information to reach Emily Oster. How can I help with that?

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It’s not meant to be spooky, I feel hopeful because the basic idea is that making sure babies are breastfed, along with some other things, will ensure proper growth. It’s all in our hands for future generations to be healthier