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Hostile intent - offender is armed

Hostile act - offender is shooting

Are you saying they need to be shot at before defending themselves?

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What about the responsibility judges and prosecutors have to ensure the safety of their communities? Why are so many DAs, and judges, signing off on plea deals which are allowing violent criminals to be released back into their communities to continue to terrorize innocent civilians?

It seems every year there are numerous examples of this, the most recent obviously being the homeless man in NYC who was on parole for killing his own mother, and then attacked an Asian American. These types of offenders shouldn't even be released, yet this is routinely happening, but the focus remains on police abuses. What about the abuses of prosecutors and judges who are ultimately responsible for these people being on the streets?

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I'm saying if an offender has just robbed a store and is confronted by police and refused to drop the gun, yeah, he should be shot. Rather than allowed to continue on his way, or having to wait until an officer or civilian is shot.

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an assessment of the recency, frequency, and severity

What do you consider recent/frequent/severe enough for trying to incarcerate someone? How many people does the defendant have to endanger before you think we should try to prevent new victims from being created?

prosecutors will not argue subsequently in sentencing too incarcerate individuals who have already been admitted to bail

Are you saying your stance is if a person gets bailed out of jail pre-trial even after a conviction they shouldn't be sent to jail? Having a hard time understanding your meaning on this one. People who commit assaults, even violent armed assaults, are frequently released on bail. Is your opinion they don't get bail, or that they don't go to jail?

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It's a very needed question to ask, because you're making an assumption on this guy's interpretation of what he said.

Armed offender, gun by his side, saying "give me the cash" is a hostile act to me. But is it to him?