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This is awesome! I'm curious, how expensive is this kind of wonderful adventure? What kind of planning was required? Thanks!

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Why Epic Store and not Steam? I would think most people would like to release their games on Steam since that's where majority of games are. Does Epic Store allow you to keep more money than Steam?

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Happy adventuring! Who knows, maybe you'll discover a NEW type of hummingbird :D

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Please tell us about successful cases where you used these games and shows to help people. How does a session work? What do people do in it? Do they play competitively sometimes or only as part of the same team? Are there viewing sessions for anime and what do they get out of it? Are there games or shows that you have to avoid because they might instead cause negative reactions to the people? Are there games and shows you always use because they've been proven to be helpful?

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What is your opinion on how the media pretty much has the power to censor anything nowadays, even discussion of important matters like this?