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Thank you for doing this! I only have one question that I've always wondered about... When I was 5 a german sheppard my sister was fostering attacked me and I got drug by my face down the back steps. As you can imagine, it was very traumatic for me.

My mother said that when I was younger there was nothing they could do about it because I was still growing. Im now in my mid 30s and though it doesn't bother me nearly as much and I am married, it's still the first thing I see when I look into the mirror.

It's only about 2 inches on my right side of my face ( left to everyone else ) and it has deformed my top lip some. Is there something I can do about it now or is it too late? Up until the last couple years thinking of the cost has made it impossible but I did learn that you can finance something like that right?

AddyKat71934 karma

Thanks for replying, you're awesome 😊 and that makes me feel so much better about seeing someone. In the back of my mind I really didn't think they could do all that much! I would hope not to be paying for it for 10 years though 😂