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I am not entirely sure too be honest with you. I can give you a rough number (Under 150cm), but do not count my words for it.

As of propaganda speakers, I have never actually got to see the speakers. Rather, I have heard about floating balloons to fulfill the very same purpose which the speakers are trying to fulfill. Mini-sized handbills were often mentioned as well.

Something that might interest you, is that in the DMZ, North Korea purposely places a well-being village where the South Korea Army can see. The purpose of this is to make the South Koreans believe that the North Korea is in a very well-being state.

Hope this make sense.

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I will express my overall opinion towards the U.S military. Too be extremely personal, I envy the U.S military in a way that it really guarantees individual/family benefits. Sadly, the welfare for Korean soldiers, or any under-ranked army personnel in Korea are not very great in my opinion. I may be complaining, but I was not very satisfied with my army life. (Then again, I am simply complaining.)

I personally never got to work with U.S military people. However, nearby my base, there was a mountain base which I was told that the U.S military were placed. I never received further detailed information about it.

In terms of the tension, I cannot really provide you with a single answer, so I will just jot down my opinion if you do not mind. As a citizen of a country who is receiving help from the U.S, I have recently realized how important self-defense is. If you look at Korean history, South Korea did receive a lot of help-from the U.S. Having the U.S as an ally is certainly great, but a good degree of independent force must be achieved by South Korea in order to be self-standing. Too integrate the subject of N-S tension, the North are actually invading South Korea on a more smaller scale. I cannot imagine what would happen if U.S withdraws since my political insight is not the greatest. Yet, I have not heard of any anti-nuke technology being strongly developed within South Korea.

Hope this helps.

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I never directly interacted with them, but I can give you a couple episodes.

In terms of gestures, I could hear numerous sounds of cannons and gunfire. I believe they were practices.