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Awesome! My Dad's an electrical engineer and used to work in Bell Labs when it was with AT&T. Actually he has an acoustical signal processing business with a few people he worked with when he was at Murray Hill, and their company name gives homage to where they all met! This was in the 80s, I think.

I remember visiting one of the buildings when I was very small. They had a huge soundproof room the size of a small basketball court. It was 2 stories high, and you would walk into the middle onto a very large net that acted as the floor. It was very dark and of course had ZERO echo. The walls were honeycombed with foam. And there were many lost pens, pennies, and paperclips on the floor far below.

PS People love just hearing stories and wisdom in AMAs, so don't hold back on elaborating questions. Plus it makes for good conversation with your grandfather.

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Alright I have some girly questions...What's your favorite long lasting, durable make-up? And do you have any favorite lingerie/clubwear brands?

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Haha awesome! There are still AT&T/Bell Labs shirts/coffee mug/etc floating around my parents house somewhere. I used to go there on "take your daughter to work day," an old event that had been probably passed on from when women were mostly home-makers. I think it changed from "daughter" to "child" eventually.