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Are you going to the Seattle Reddit meet up tomorrow? :D I'll be expecting to see you!

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so... I had a reeeeeally bad habit of not brushing my teeth when I was depressed. It was a huge chore, and I didn't bother. I really regret it now that I'm feeling better. My teeth are yellow, and they look very stale. What are the ways to whiten teeth? Is mixing Nitrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda together, then dipping toothpaste on toothbrush in it, and brushing for 10 minutes, doing that twice a week help? I got that tip from this video: youtube.com/#/watch?v=IjqXyvPC5pI

I'm desperately trying to whiten my teeth now, but I don't want to pay for whitening sessions on my dental clinic, as that costs a loooot of money.

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From what you've seem on the development of computers in the last 60ish years, what do you see in the future for computers in the next 60 years? And when do you think the advancement in technology of computers will reach its peak, if ever?

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That says A LOT about how insanely important the college application essays are. 4 years of constant studying, and those many, many hours spent studying for the SAT is valued from the quality of one or two essays. It makes sense though. The essay is main thing that can make any student truly stand out. So many people can study hundred upon hundreds of hours to get those tests scores and grades, but a single essay or two, 1/1,000 times the essays they had to write in school is valued just as high. Oh man, I should the process of writing my essays now... A year head start wouldn't hurt...