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Adamtwentywun3 karma

What kind of work did you do prior to blu? Educational background? Do you see any potential uses for ecigs and marijuana now or in the near future? What inspired to create your product?

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What is your opinion on marijuana? My former probation officer would tell me he had nothing against it (also mentioned his brother in law was a smoker), and was just doing his job. How do most POs feel about it? Thanks for the AMA

Adamtwentywun2 karma

What is your educational background? How did you get started with this type of work?

Adamtwentywun2 karma

Do you earn any revenue off of your youtube videos? If so how much?

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What was your favorite part of the redemption skit? I thought it was hilarious when you brought that black dude more hot sauce and he had all those bottles on the table already!