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All I have gathered from this is that it has actually worked once or twice.

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You can get high quality burgers anywhere in the world, really. It's the specific type of burger that you can find only in the US which I assume he was talking about.

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[Proof] - feeling naughty, cum on my picture please boys!

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Yep, definitely the wrong account there.

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A mallard and, say, a thoroughbred horse.

So that would be 1 thoroughbred-sized mallard, and 12 mallard-sized thoroughbreds.

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It's because English Heritage only took over the scheme in 1986, immediately beforehand it was run by what was effectively the London council since 1900 until the GLC was abolished. Many other places (Birmingham, Manchester etc.) had already had their own blue plaque schemes before EH inherited the London scheme.

EDIT: http://web.archive.org/web/20150517233221/http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/blue-plaques/about-blue-plaques/faq/

The London-wide plaques scheme was taken over by English Heritage when the Greater London Council was abolished in 1986. In the rest of the country, plaques have continued to be installed by other organisations – mostly local councils and civic societies. English Heritage did, however, put up plaques in four provincial cities – Birmingham, Liverpool, Portsmouth and Southampton – as a trial for a national scheme. For reasons of cost and logistics – and the fact that so much of the ground was already effectively covered by local initiatives – it was ultimately decided that the scheme should continue to focus on London alone.

EDIT 2: In fact, English Heritage doesn't put plaques in the City of London either