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Just wait until November 2028 when the general election is Don Jr. vs. Elon Musk.


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I think so - for two reasons:

  1. Conservative brains are predisposed to fear and anxiety relating to politics. Turns out the people who call everyone "snowflake" are pretty fragile.

  2. I've tried trolling Democrats repeatedly (from the left). Instead of taking the bait, they'll usually accuse me of being Russian, call me pro-Trump, etc.

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I don't want to help political discourse in America.

I want to point out the obvious: that discourse with the far-right is absolutely pointless.

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Probably. I have a few ideas.

I also think it'd be sort of interesting to see that if I did get caught during the early stages if people would still manage to fall for it.

The Gettysburg thing was a hoax to anyone with a brain. The local police put out a statement that it's a hoax. My accounts were pulled two weeks before the event and I couldn't "promote" it.

500 dupes still showed up ready to shoot.

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You know, /u/PhatJohny, I think that inciting hatred against Nazis is just fine.