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Another fan suggested "Finding Nimoy" as another possibility. This IS in fact a Spockumentary and hey, who knows, there's still time to change the title.

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JJs doing both, why can't I? Actually I am a big SW fan. This franchise came out in '77 while we were all still waiting for a ST movie. The success of SW had a lot to do with getting traction for a ST movie. And hey, Luke Skywalker and I both had very interesting fathers.

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I have many favorite memories but one of the best was sitting down with Dad when I got my first directing assignment on ST: TNG and going through the script scene by scene. Dad was a fabulous story-teller and helped me understand that what's happening in the scene is far more important than where to put the freaking camera.

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Like all friendships, they had their ups and downs but I can tell you this: There were a lot of good times between them and my dad was there for Bill during very difficult times. And, Bill has been one of the biggest supporters of For The Love Of Spock my documentary film about my dad and Mr. S.

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The first time I realized that there were so many of you is when sacks of fan mail starting arriving at our home. I was ten years old and I sent away for X Ray glasses to see through girls' clothes. I waited everyday for the glasses to arrive and packages did arriveā€¦but they were always for Mr. Spock. And when the glasses finally came, I could see through anything.