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Adaderc44 karma

Hi Andriy,

Your 100 paged ML is an excellent piece by all standards. I am pretty sure I may be the first to purchase from Africa (will do so soon) should you check your demographics.

ML has taken the forefront in many applications lately, including health and Economy Sharing. In developing countries, how do you think ML could be tuned further to support common disruptive sms platforms to influence critical sectors to reach the masses? For example, sms is a major conduit to reach the majority of people, because phone numbers have almost become identity and online/offline passes, be it ecommerce or fintech transactions because generally fancy apps wont do the trick in this part of the globe, at least for now. For this reason, top notch phone verification and SMS/voice OTP platforms such as RingCaptcha (ringcaptcha.com) have proven to be a major catalyst to further scaling disruptive technologies (that need to identify and contact real users) that are supporting the masses here in meaningful ways. How, in your opinion, can ML supplement great platforms like RingCaptcha, to further improve the positive catalytic effect that such 2FA and sms/voice OTP technologies bring and how can they be documented in compressed materials like your great ML for the developers out here to tap into? Thanks!