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Thanks for doing this AMA. It takes real courage to talk openly about such a terrible experience, and it brings a sense of realism back to it for a new generation.

I was wondering if you had any guards (or other Germans) that were sympathetic to your situation or treated you with kindness in the camps? I'd imagine they would be risking their own lives by doing so.

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Did you travel outside Germany after the war? If so, how were you treated by people from the countries around you?

Do you feel your country was treated fairly in the years after WWII?

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Do you have a dance routine figured out and what music are you listening to when you are out there?

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What will you do next, and does it involve Tim Hortons?

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Do they give you tickets for your family and friends? Additionally, do they provide the uniforms, and do you still throw it on occasionally and run about the house?