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You appear to be living that dream life that a lot of fine arts majors aspire to live. However, you have mentioned that your degree was useless in this endeavor. I would encourage you to write a blog post explaining your viewpoint - think about how much money you might be able to save for many counter-culture 18 year olds who are currently thinking they want to major in art, etc.

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I recently sat next to a former SF man who was seriously wounded and almost died (as in should have died but miraculously survived). The past 8 years of his life since have been marked by extremely high risk activities, he has nearly been killed several times in amateur car street races, adrenaline sports, etc.

My question is - after your experience do you feel that you also may have a bit of a "bug" for adrenaline - or a need for it? Do you think that your assessment of risk/reward has been altered by your experience or (if you don't know) are you concerned about it?

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Honestly this is what I want to know... even cycling across the usa I would be worried that someone in areas off the beaten path might try and steal some things from me... heck even here in my hometown I don't like using the unlit bike paths at night!

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You are obviously interested in education and improving people's lives due to your excellent charity. As an NFL player, you find yourself surrounded by many people who cut their education short or didn't take it seriously. Do you find this troublesome and do you have any ideas for how we can change this?

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Chris, what can you tell us about the evolution of the "black market" for marijuana in states that have legalized/decriminalized it? Furthermore, do you think we can generalize what we see regarding the current black market in WA and CO to what we expect to see if marijuana is legalized elsewhere?

I ask because I understand drug cartel are VERY stubborn and will do whatever they have to do to stay in business.