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What’s your opinion on centralised vacuum systems?

As in the kind where you just plug the vacuum hose into the wall and all of the dirt gets sucked out to the garage.

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The hose in my parents house is only 12 ft long. They just have 5 plug points around the house and a separate hose upstairs so you don’t have to lug it up and down the stairs.

I grew up with it and I’d say the first time I saw a regular style Hoover was on TV.

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Yeah my parents had one installed when they built their house before I was born and it’s never needed to be serviced or anything.

So that’s why I was asking. Maybe he doesn’t like them as they never need to be repaired!

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As someone from the UK, do you teach your students British or American English?

I know the spelling is a pretty minor thing but there are some bigger variations in terms of like Americans saying “I got to” vs British “I’ve got to”, words that are completely different like egg plant vs aubergine and collective nouns where British English considers them plural and American considers them singular.

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1990 + 25 = 2015