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Great answer, thank you. I’m actually happy to see pop philosophy on the rise for very similar reasons you lay out - my interest is more in how we balance accuracy/rigor with a format that works for modern readers? (for what its worth, I think you’ve done a great job at this, same goes for others writers like Alain de Botton, Massimo Pigliucci).

But philosophy too simplified sometimes has the opposite than intended effect - I mean look at many readers of Nietzsche for a good example of this.

Anyways, you addressed it well and thanks for your time. And to your question: my favourites were Plato, Rousseau, Hannah Arendt, Nietzsche. But it was the Meditations that first sparked my love of philosophy when I read it at 17.

ActionHartlen2 karma

Hey Ryan, thanks for doing this. I studied philosophy in grad school and have been really interested to see the rise of “pop philosophy” in recent years. How can we make philosophy accessible without watering it down?