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Is there anything you would recommend people to see a doctor about, aside from back pains? The idea of getting hit by cancer out of the blue like that is terrifying.

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Not to mention we only know of the stuff that HAS been declassified. Based just on that we cant estimate how much or what hasn't been declassified. For all we know, they've only released 50% so far.

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For someone like me who is really interested in space exploration and related fields, but who doesn't have much of a scientific background to back it up (And maybe a little too old to start; 24), could you suggest any other avenues or ventures in related fields that may be worth getting involved in?

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What is your ultimate vision for a Martian habitat? For the moment, i would assume the best outcome would be a permanent research station, similar in nature to those in Antarctica (just more advanced), or are you looking more into the possibility of colonisation?

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I hope you're eventually able to roll it out to a broader range of participants, it sounds like it would be quite interesting. I'm currently a Grad student in an Audio/acoustics related field, so i don't see much of a chance of moving into a space/aerospace related field with my current career path. I wish you good luck with it.