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Do you think there will come a time that we have to genetically alter species in order to keep them from going extinct?

Like making honey bees resistant to insect and weed killer, or coral that can withstand a lower pH?

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My school club got bees over the summer and few if any of us have experience. I binge watch YouTube but that's the limit of my info.

We had a hive that might have swarmed, they had a ton of queen cells but none started laying a month later. We took a frame with eggs from another colony and they made a few queen cells on it, now they have a mated queen but a small population and I see a handful of drone cappings mixed in with the worker brood. Does this mean she mated with a drone from the hive we got eggs from? (Assuming they survive through winter, which I'm not too sure on) Is this a problem? If so how do we fix it without running into the same problem again? How do queen breeders prevent inbreeding?

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That link does the same as the one above. Unclosable popup that says "keep reading the times by creating a free account or logging in" and covers the page.

Work around for those interested: copy the link and paste it in chrome, go to desktop mode.

Alternate work around: it's a short bill, easy to skim as well. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/109/text

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I'd like to read how your partner explains the green new deal, could you give a link that doesn't require me to sign up for an account?

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Muscles do have stem cells. The right alteration to the stem cells could help but finding that would be key. I don't know if you can remove and reinstall the stem cell though, might have to edit it in place.

I wonder what would happen if someone with muscular distrophy got the myostatin knockout that makes muscles grow. Would the degenerative one go faster or the "get ripped" gene go faster?