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If a guy wanted to board and and rob a super-yacht on the high seas what would be the best way to do that?

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Says the guy regurgitating right wing talking points, to a professional researcher. You've really reached peak self-awareness.

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I've heard the kilts and tartans were made up by an 18th century english industrialist, is that true?

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FWIW I've found philosophy helpful, not saying it's a first line treatment option but wrestling with existential dread is kind of it's stock in trade.

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Correlation is a form of evidence. Anecdotal data can be scientific evidence too, there are things to be learned from individual case studies. There were plenty of doctors warning about cigarettes way before the links to disease were epidemiology proven, based on their anecdotal observations.

Some things are kinda obvious. I think we're at a "smoking is probably bad for you" point with social media and screen time.