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ASSANGE: Yes, absolutely. It's -- it would be -- once again, just think about it from our perspective. We have a lot -- we've won a lot of media awards. We have the trust of our sources. We have the trust of our readers, having never got it wrong.

“When other media outlets have sources, they’re not the best sources. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending sources that have lots of bias, and they’re bringing that bias to us. They’re bringing personal opinion. They’re bringing bad handwriting. They’re liars. And some, I assume, are good people.”

We've got the best sources, let me tell you. Those other guys... I've got awards. We've won lots of awards. And I'll tell you, we've got the best. We've got the best.

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Honest question, hopefully it doesn't offend.

What's the difference between "anxiety" and "bad habit of worrying about things that just don't matter"? My wife tells me she's "got anxiety" and I'm having a hard time taking it seriously. I know I'm not being as supportive as she'd like and I'm trying, but frankly I have a hard time with it. It just seems like there's a simple solution.

"Does this thing I'm worrying about actually impact my life negatively in a meaningful way?" if yes, then find a solution. If no, then move on the the next problem.

For instance, she'll spend a half hour stain treating for a stain that I can barely see, on a $5 shirt for our 4 year old, who's just gonna spill ketchup again. Meanwhile, regular laundry hasn't been done in months. Then she gets upset when I just take care of my laundry myself, as if it were some sort of attack on the clothes. Not on her, but the clothes themselves. This is just an example of how she is with several things in our household.