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2 questions,

1) it seems like there’s a lot of mistakes that can happen on a mail in ballot that would be easier to avoid in person. For example in some states a freaking notary is required, in others, COVID cannot be listed as a reason for requesting a mail in ballot. How much guidance and how quickly is that guidance provided to voters that make a mistake about mail-in, and will they have a chance to vote in person or have a second chance to submit a mail in ballot? Who is in charge of provided instructions to voters that want to vote yet made a mistake due to the format of the ballot?

2) Since a big percent of votes will be in the form of mail this year, how accurate are tracking systems to account for close to or 100% of the votes coming from mail-in? How will states account for delays that USPS is responsible for that may land ballots too late to be counted? How will these late- votes be handled?