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Do you feel like the Hunted show suffered because of the endgame for the final two pairs? Watching it, we felt as though the last two pairs were dealt a crappy hand. They manage to last 28 days, and then the "endgame" was 1) tell the hunters where they are, twice. 2) Make them move on foot to an extraction when the hunters knew their locations, exit methods, and had vehicles.

My wife and I were a little disappointed. Either pair could have been caught simply by happenstance of a hunter team being close to an extraction location. All the other tracking methodologies were cool, but saying: They are at this bank, and they are leaving by air really makes it easy to find them. Like, ridiculously easy.

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Andrew - I am a big fan, and have enjoyed your food at Target Field on a regular basis.

Will you continue the partnership next year? And can you give us any hints on what may be on the menu?

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  • What do you think about Beer Cicerones? Do you believe that its a bastardization of the Sommelier traditions, or a natural expansion into a similar field?

  • Do you think craft beer has the complexity to be compared to wines from a tasting experience perspective?

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What can the medical community do to encourage more physicians to choose family practice or pediatrics rather than going into "higher pay" positions? Having had to go to a rural doctor in an emergency situation last year I am a bit disturbed by the lack of proper medical care in under-served areas of the country (whether it be poor or rural).

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What's the LEAST expensive yacht you have run? Which port is your LEAST favorite, and why?