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Son, why is this man calling you a duck?

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We named our daughter after that waypoint - Stony Field Johnson.

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Because this is him advertising his product/service (it's free to use until April of this year, then they charge) and really has nothing to do with giving the source away.

I mean what API/Service DOESN'T have demo code for you to get from GitHub.

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The study isn’t being done to determine if it works - it’s being done to determine if there are side effects. For example if this was medication for a disease - it would not be done on people with the disease, it would be done on healthy people so we could see what the medicine does on it’s own. The people in the study were likely told to act as if they weren’t on a new/experimental birth control.

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I’ve watched Dirty Work like a dozen times and I don’t think I ever realized you directed it! I still guess Mildred as someone’s name if I don’t know it, regardless of gender.