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Pls respond

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  • If I get paid in Bitcoins, what happens?

  • Where do I get the money and how do I use it?

  • What is the value of a bitcoin?

  • How do you earn them, the website says you can earn a very small account by doing surveys, but doesnt that give spammers free reign?

  • Why should I trust bitcoins to be my payment method instead of Paypal? How will I explain it in the simplest terms to a non internet guy?

  • If someone sends me a bitcoin, can my ewallet be deleted by physical actions?

  • Can I convert my bitcoins into my local currency as I suppose only major stores in US accept bitcoins as of now?

  • Are bitcoin transfers tracked by custom and tax agencies?

  • Is there an eligible age below which it is illegal to set up an account?

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Can I get 3k hugs though?

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This description really got me excited. I'll be keeping an eye on the game!

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Legend of korra. Woof woof (fan reporting in) Hows the second season?