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I see. My mother and father were both born in Iran and now live here. I was born here as well and have gone back to visit with my brother and mother several times. But my father has not gone back to the country that he loves for over 30 years and refuses to do so because he despises their government so much. What would you say to him? (Negative or positive, anything you think)

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I'm sorry I haven't read your book, but what do you mean by "The Iranian Ministry of Guidance invited you to not stay"? What did you do?

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How is it 657? Is that how many times he did it.. or?

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Thanks for your response. Just to clarify by "here", I mean I live in the US. And yes, I really wish that I can go visit my extended family in Iran with my father with me as well.

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What were your goals as president? And do you see an Iranian Revolution as a possibility in the near future? (Overthrowing the Islamic regime)