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How is this even legal??

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  • What constitutes a "case"?

  • Who confirms a case?

  • What does a confirmed case mean?

  • How is the 19 different from it's predecessors?

  • What strains are the same, and which are different?

  • Which tests test for the similar or the same strains?

  • What exactly is the coronavirus19 (19)?

  • Which labs have confirmed this?

  • What are the differences between this one and the previous ones (18, 17, 20, etc)?

  • Are all labs testing the same specimen? (Meaning are labs world-wide using flu-like nose swabs)

  • How are the labs communicating with each other from one country to another?

  • Do all labs run the same test or different tests?

  • Exactly which tests are used to determine if its 19 or 18?

  • Has the 19 tests been used on any other viruses?

  • How flawed is the testing procedure?

  • Can there be human error in testing?

  • Are there any other tests that can be used to get the results?

  • If someone tests positive for 19, which other tests will they tests positive for?

  • If they don't test positive for anything else while having 19, that would mean it isn't that similar to anything we've tested for in the past, right?

  • If they will test positive for something else, what is it?

  • Which tests that are readily available that can be used as a preliminary?

  • If someone tests negative for 19, could they test positive for a similar virus?

  • Or test positive for 19 and negative for others?

  • Can the tests results be duplicated?

  • Can the tests be open-sourced?

  • Why or why not?

  • Can the 19 be compared to a similar virus in a petri dishes?

  • Are the differences obvious?

  • How does one behave when they have the 19 vs the 18 or a different virus?

  • How many stages are there of the 19?

  • Do all weak immune systems fall victim to 19?

  • Why or why not?

  • Are China and US, and WHO using the same tests?

  • Why or why not?

  • Where do the tests differ? What does one do that the other doesn't?

  • Are the tests open sourced?

  • Can the results be duplicated?

  • Have the tests results been duplicated? How so?

  • Do you know anyone personally who has been diagnosed with 19?

  • Who diagnosed them a local clinic, a doctor, group at the cdc?

  • What tests were used?

  • Were multiple tests used by different groups and reached the same conclusion?

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we were asked to close alongside every other bar and venue in the country to try slow the spread of Covid-19.

Did any owners say no? If not, why not? What are the consequences if you open? How is the government compensating you for your compliance?

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I dont know of any bars that defied the request.

I hope someone will. Not only will they stay afloat, they will also make a lot of people happy.

There is no compensation talking about so far.

Have you asked the same people who asked you to close? If not, why not?

This isnt their fault, its a global pandemic.

The government could have closed the border. They could have taken necessary measures instead of local businesses suffering, imo.

I wish you the best. I really hope you speak up and request some financial assistance. They have money for wars, they have money for you too.

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Will you vote for or against repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913?

This Act allows only one legal player on the playing field, creating a monopoly. It's just like allowing only one team in the NBA. They play among themselves, the referee just sits on the sidelines sleep. This essentially is what the federal reserve act of 1913 does. Is this kosher to you?