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A_magiciannamed_gob30 karma

Adam, absolutely love your stuff. How did you and Alison get together? Did you have any sort of auditions?

By the way, the joke in "The Hammer" about immigrants loving their home countries "except for the part where you risked DYING not to live there" is one of the best movie lines of all time!

A_magiciannamed_gob15 karma

I follow the reviews on the A.V. club religiously for TV. When contributers are assigning grades to each episode, it is up to that individual reviewer, or is there some discussion about it?

Also, why did you guys only do the last season of the Wire? You go back and do so many awesome show recaps of shows that have ended(like Scrubs/Seinfeld...) Why not do the Wire? I need someone to break those first seasons down for me academically, like you guys do for other dramas like Madmen.