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Are there substances that are available prescription free but are so rarely asked for that no company makes the product?

What's the rarest medication that you dispense?

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Do you ever find yourself reading something and not sure if it's from recently or from 10+ years ago? Middle East politics seem to be in a loop at times

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Why do so many psychiatrists default to ADHD meds for behavioural problems?

I saw a psychiatrist because my mom caught me smoking cannabis one time. They ignored that and said I had ADHD, the clinic put me on meds and loafed me around from doctor to doctor because they left or died. after a time I could not afford the medication so I stopped going.

When I started to have real issues, I went to see the psychiatrist at the same clinic, they said I didn't need medications, that I was just drug seeking and to fuck off.

How am I supposed to trust the system when they can't even diagnose a teen and fuck around with people's brain chemistry on a whim.

I've lost my faith in mental healthcare, they don't know what the hell they're doing to people just like decades ago