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I hope I am not too late, but I have been monocular since birth. Was never addressed until I was ten (figured that's how all people were supposed to see). My right eye has a massive cataract; all I can see is color and blurred motion. My family was poor, so I had glasses (which never helped) but no surgery. I am 30 now, and my left eye has degenerated to the point where I need glasses to see anything 20 feet away. Odd this is, my right eye has not become lazy. Doc says there is a surgery in which they would remove the lens and implant a new. But the cost is great, and it may not work. Whew

My concern is my left eye, which doctors won't touch because is something goes wrong I could be blind for good. I would be interested in talking to you about what options (if any) there are to get my left eye better and maybe bring focused sight to my right eye. If you could PM me, that would be great!