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I dislike when people’s whole business model revolves around exploiting others’ ignorance.

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I think the biggest difference between these jobs and op’s is that op is taking advantage of people’s ignorance when she provides a service to them. People could quite literally do some google searches and get the same service (maybe even a better service) by doing it themselves.

The professions you listed do work on the premise of others’ ignorance, but there’s a big difference. If I’m feeling ill, and I google my symptoms, I may determine what’s wrong with me. However, because I lack the expertise or experience to do so, I may incorrectly diagnose myself and get worse. The same for engineers. Perhaps I want to build a bridge across a small ditch, and I begin to do so. I do proper research, and begin to build, but when I am halfway done I realize that all my measurements are off, or that I forgot to account for the ground freezing and thawing, or even the wood stretching over time. Those sorts of things require expertise and experience to account for in the project.

The biggest thing I’m trying to argue here is that yes, practically all skilled labor and professions take advantage of people’s ignorance, however they do so because it is necessary. We could eliminate all doctors and diagnose everything ourselves, but we would be getting rid of people with valuable information they learned in medical school or residency. OP’s job is nowhere near the difficulty of being a doctor, mechanic, engineer, tailor, tech support, or being a member of the service industry, because OP’s job does not require expertise or experience, literally anyone could do their job.

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I have a couple of questions so I hope that’s ok.

  1. What’s your next movie going to be about?

  2. How does one get their foot in the door in the world of filmmaking? I know your movie was relatively cheap compared to a lot of movies right now, but 100,000 dollars is still a lot of money. I’m sure money is not the only obstacle, but it seems to me to be the biggest one discouraging people from producing movies. Even if you ignore the money part, creating a film just seems like a monumental task with so many things that could go wrong.