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ATryHardTaco364 karma

What is your stance on the Second Amendment? Guns are a big issue for us Republicans and I think it's fair to say, 99.9% of Americans who legally own, safely store, and correctly know how to use their guns, aren't going to go on a shooting spree.

EDIT: According to some info from a fellow redittor, this candidate wants to abolish the second amendment despite what he says.

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Yeah, I don't know what I'd do if my grandfather's WWII M1 Garand became illegal to own.

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Personally as a Republican myself, I hope we go closer to the center, not farther right with people like Ted "Christian first, American second" Cruz.

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Do you think war in self defense is OK? I don't like the wars in the middle east at all, but if Russia one day decides to bomb Pearl Harbor, would that be a justifiable cause of war or no?

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180,000 is still a lot to ship around the world.