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ATrueLady9 karma

I noticed you mentioned you struggle to get your Valium prescription. I recently was told that I had to get off benzodiazepines. Was taking Xanax xr at probably too high a dose, but now my pdoc has told me I won’t get it at all anymore, even though my friend gets a small scrip from the same doc. They forced weaned me off with klonopin, which I would have been happy to just switch to if that’s what they wanted. My ability to concentrate isn’t as good as before, and my motivation is shot. I understand these drugs are addictive, but they do work for some people, and a low dose for me worked really well. Are you seeing more and more docs pulling away from benzos? If so, is it connected to the governments ridiculous response on opioids? I feel bad even taking up your time to ask because chronic pain patients are suffering so much more due to government BS but this has been bothering me for some time and I wanted to see your thoughts. It used to be so easy to get a script now it’s much harder. I can’t change doctors right now but I think I will in a few months.