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Ok, check out this idea. I've designed this mat. Its like a floor mat, and it has different conclusions that you can jump to. I call it a 'jump to conclusions mat'. What do you think?

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Maybe that's a reason you'd be good at it?

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No mon, not dead.

          ......Darese, we have to finish the race.

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On the contrary, it appears you've mostly answered questions from suspiciously new accounts that are throwing you softballs that reinforce your dubious narrative. Lame attempt to astroturf.

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Surely you don't believe everyone convicted of a violent or sexual crime ought to be summarily executed, do you? I'm not opposed to all capital punishment, but if we started killing on that scale how would you account for false convictions? What about the degree of crime? Starting and winning a bar fight against a weaker man is a violent crime, but do you think that deserves deaths? What about, say, statutory rape where the man is a few days past 18 and his girlfriend is a 16 year old sophomore at the same school? Death?