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Hi Danny! You (and Donald) are my favorite part of Community. Here are a few quick questions:

  1. Donald says you guys pretty much instantly gelled. How much of your banter is made up by you, improv'ed on the spot?
  2. What is your favorite part about working on Community?
  3. Do you have any other projects you'll be working on in the near future?
  4. One final question...what's it like playing Abed? Not often are there main characters with aspergers...is it difficult? How do you approach his character and quirks?

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A bouquet of roses made of his poo.

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What is your dream role?

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I receive around 2 calls per week that I don't usually answer, and when I call back, I receive an automated line that asks me if I want to be on the do not call list. I put myself on it every time, and they keep calling me.

I think it's the same company, but they're calling to upgrade my business class services (which I don't have) for utilities, and offer me some "free" money.

What do you suggest I do to potentially have a TCPA claim? For the record, they call my cell phone.