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This is one of the biggest things that have made me fell bad. I would always regret her blindness, especially going out in public with her guide dogs to the places I knew my friends would be. I HATED her blindness many times because of how I felt it affected my life. I never took into account about how bad it affected her life, especially having two teenage kids that were embarassed about her all of the time. Writing this makes me want to go back in the past and hit myself so fucking hard.

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Oh yeah, walking around butt baked in the house. Flipping her the bird when I felt like it. Nothing bigger then that, seeing how in the end i had big respect for her.

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It is fucking awesome, all of the cool kids do it.

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Yes she would, she would support me through anything.

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Letting her drive leads me to a great story. Both my mom and dad grew up on the beach in Corpus Christi, Tx in the 70's. When the were young and most of the beaches were empty my dad would let me mom take the wheel. He would let her drive to her hearts content. Even when I was growing up I remember my dad letting her drive alittle on the beach as I sat on her lap.

She learned to cook really well, she can play the piano way better then me, and she is a message therapist.