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Thank you for holding this AMA, and for all you've done to educate people about the brain and how it works. Looking in particular at your Stanford lecture on depression from 2009, what are the most major/relevant changes in that area of study in your opinion between then and now?

What do you think would be the most effective societal change to reduce the increasing amount of mental health difficulties (such as depression and anxiety) experienced by people in our society?

The most common type of advice available for many people seeking solutions online for their depression is either only effective for very mild bouts of depression or assumes the reader has resources that may not be available to them. What type of care seems to be effective for people for whom therapy and medication are inaccessible or unaffordable?

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How do you make sure that any residents or staff who have allergies or phobias, or are simply uncomfortable, are not exposed to the dogs?

What precautions do you take to prevent the spread of MRSA, along with other zoonotic diseases?

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That's great! I look forward to seeing it.

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Thank you for doing this AMA, I have visited your site for many years and have had many hours of enjoyment thanks to you. However, I've noticed that there has been a decline in the number of new high-quality browser games available on Kongregate and other similar sites compared to several years ago, due in part to many developers moving to mobile platforms or Steam. What are your plans to combat this trend and breathe new life into your community? How do you plan to encourage developers to publish on your platform in the future?