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Every state offers financial help-- its a federal law and depends on your income. Check out the exchange both for that and to see if you might qualify for Medicaid.

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The plans offered through the ACA are private coverage. Government basically only provides subsidies and defines some of the rules of the road. I would also say that when government does provide health coverage-- like with Medicare-- people love it-- often more than private insurance. 88% satisfaction rate.

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Yes, sorry it took me long to get to this!

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First of all, sorry about the job. Second, you should apply for coverage assuming your project next year's income. Which means you will likely qualify for a bigger subsidy and less premium. And if and when you do get a job next year, you can change things at the time.

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We have a number of important priorities we have to get right. We can't allow the cost of health care to grow as it has been (and as you point out). We charge too much for health care. Drugs, hospital stays, whatever...

And finding ways to pay smarter so there is much less waste and more coordinated care.

Finally we should be sure that every one of us has access to a regular source of care and no one every goes bankrupt from a medical bill. Period. We can do that.