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I took a quick look at your website on teaching Navajo and now I know why people say it's hard! All the different tones can get pretty confusing. If someone seriously wants to learn Navajo and become fluent, what are your suggestions for them?

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Thank you so much for confirming that. I knew the characters weren't dead all along and it irritates me to no end to argue with those who swear that they were.

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If drugs were legalized, would you see that as ultimately a good thing or a bad thing for your business?

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If Manson was released from prison, do you think he would be able to do what he did back when he committed his crimes or would his age seriously prevent him from doing it? Does he have influence or control over anyone in the prison that you know of?

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One of my favorite Detectives to watch during the questioning process is Anderson from Birmingham. There was one episode where he was questioning a guy and the guy was obviously dodging and lying to him. At one point Detective Anderson gets frustrated and says, "IT'S COME-TO-JESUS TIME SON!"