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That was absolutely a response we received, and more than once. For some, the "good old days" weren't so good.

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There are several examples in the videos here: http://interactives.ap.org/2016/divided-america/. Here's a quote from Craig House, a 32-year-old man living in St. Louis: "America has always been great, just not for me and my people. For us it's been the worst ever. People come from all over the world, Arabs own this, that. Black man don't own nothing."

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The polarization of the media - different news sources for different viewpoints - seems to be a problem to me.

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People sound very fed up with the system, from DC to their own towns. It's like, 'I could fix this problem, why can't they?" And yeah: Don't we often see our own ideas as being the right ones?

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It was a draw - we each got a punch in. Nothing accomplished, basically.