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It says that the video is unavailable. Is it just me?

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It's been a while for me, but the ELI5 of it is basically, some people came up with an inequality that will be violated by quantum phenomena. The guys managed to show that their experimental result violated the inequality and since entanglement is a quantum phenomena not observed classically, there's some quantum phenomena being observed.

Also, with respect to your second question, I believe spin has to be taken with respect to an axis. It's usually measured 1 or 0 with respect to an axis, typically the z axis.

I'm nowhere near David's level of Physics so maybe he might be able to explain it better!

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Not sure if this is relevant to your first question but this video shows a simplified setup on producing entangled photons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB1VWXe-fY4

In reality there is a bit more going on in the experiment but the basic premise is the same.

This link might also help you.

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What's the day-to-day work activities of a producer?

Also, how is it like to come up with something? Is it like an assignment where they you have to produce a piece by a certain deadline and they ask for things like it has to be a certain length, it's supposed to fit this specific mood, etc? What happens if your creative juices aren't flowing enough in time to get work done? I know very little about the industry!

Also, when then they music plays in certain scenes, do you know the setting or get to watch the scenes before the composition?

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Thank you for the opportunity to ask you some questions!

In your opinion, which field of quantum looks the most promising to you in the near future?

What do you think happened to Ettore Majorana?

How important is having a good memory in postgraduate programmes?

With all the limitations placed by locality, realism, contextuality, etc, will we be able to find a hidden variable theory? Are there people working to find one?