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Not a redhead, but my mother is. I once got 4 shots of novacain in my hand to help remove a very large splinter under my fingernail, all it did was give me pins and needles. Then supposedly when I had knee surgery they said it took a "triple dose" to put me under, though I assume they don't actually mean 300% of a normal dose.

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I'm very curious about the level of detail that the army painter has. Just got DoW3 and have been very pleased with it, is it comparable to yours?

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Was 17 at the time. I always suspected it was hyperbole, but it still feels fun to tell the story.

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If you check out the wiki link, this is one of several common counter-arguments.

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In addition to his totally legitimate reply, the environment of a bachelor/ette party can have some pretty profound effects on someone's thought process. Mostly the peer pressure and booze. People will do things totally out of character in these situations.