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Are there any rule variations that you favor? Maybe alternate dictionaries?
Are you satisfied that the competition structures even out whatever randomness is introduced by the tile draw, or is that not really a factor?

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I don't pay much attention to what's cutting edge in AAA games these days, but I'm watching a play-through of The Last Of Us and the animation is really impressive to me. Particularly the meshing of and handing off between procedural, mo-capped, and hand made animation. I've written my share of state machines to handle simple walk/run/idle type stuff but this just blows my mind.
My question is: what does the person with the title "Animator" do, given how much of the character's movement is handled in code? How much of your time is spent working directly with coders?

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How do you coordinate where to hide the snail in Adventure Time?

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What's the deal with performance enhancing drugs in MMA?

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Do you have a sweet SGI Indigo?