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FUCK YOU I'M NOT EDITING THIS. Happiest: any of the times where I played with my dog(s). Saddest: my dog(s) dying. Cliche, but my parents are the most important people. They essentially made me into the person I am today with their examples and lessons. See the other answer. * My best friend. * I’d like to think my dogs do. * Try things, even when you’re afraid. * Going to a fair with my parents and receiving a stuffed frog. * Don’t be stupid. * Getting into the college I’m going to. * When one of my best friends stole the guy I was seeing. * Well I’m not an astronaut-lawyer-ballerina-superhero... * As intelligent and kind. * Of course, who doesn’t? * Undergrad and then law school. * No because I don’t know you. * No because I don’t know you. * Already answered: but David Tennant because he is amazing. * When you posted on my AMA. * Yes because you posted so many questions. * We’re not, I don’t know you! * A redditor, and a redditor. * I don’t know you, I don’t know you. * Yes. * No. * The midwest. * Awesome. * My aunt and uncle. * yes. * really? I am not a grandmother * I have no idea. * No. Because I am not your grandparent. * Maybe. * I don’t know * Cool. * Not quite as cool. * Intelligent and kind. * Not particularly. * I am not a parent. * No. * I am not a parent. * I am not a parent. * I am not a parent. * I am not a parent. * No, I’ve never seen you. * I didn’t. * I don’t know. * No. * I don’t know. I don’t know * I’m not your parent. * Be smart. * I don’t have any. * I didn’t. * No. * Florida, 1993 * The Midwest. * Awesome. * People. * Awesome. * Pretty good, some arguments. * I stole someone’s bracelet (and got in trouble) * Nope. * idk. * Happy. Yes. * Ice cream. Dropping my ice cream. * Yes, my parents made it up. * Girls at my school. They were cool. * School, recess, more school, going to my friend’s house and playing. * Pretty much like this. * Nope. * Mostly. * On the upper side of average. * Go out. * Lol probably annoying and argumentative. * Yes, because it’s still happening. * Best memories: friends. Worst memories: drama. * My english teacher was an awesome guy. * Not really, our school prank was putting glitter everywhere. * Nope. * I didn’t. * I was 16 and standing on my doorstep. * The first-kiss one. * nope. * yep. * be vocal about what you want from the relationship. * I haven’t. * I don’t. * I didn’t. * Best times: summertimes. Worst times: finals. * I’m not married. * nope. * don’t be stupid. * nope. * student. * don’t have one; * A lawyer. * A lawyer. * I don’t have one. * Eat some pizza. Because I’m hungry. * Yes, when I’m old. * Nope. * I’m an atheist. * no. * none. * no. * no. it won’t be like anything. * nothing, because I won’t. * I’m not ill. * Yes, and yes. * Far far away. * No. * Yes. * I wasn’t diagnosed. * No. * DON’T FUCKING GIVE PEOPLE 800000000 stupid QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. * Don’t be scared of stupid stuff. * I’m not fucking ill. * As intelligent and kind * Europeans. * Germany, Germany. * Nope. * German ones. * My aunt and uncle. * Yes. * My dad and his brothers pulling pranks. * No. * No. * It didn’t. * No. * None. * I wasn’t in the fucking military.

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Answer the phone, tell the horse "it's for you!" and then tranquilize it while it's distracted.

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$0. I'm unemployed, sorry.

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