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Every post gets a few downvotes. Doesn't mean a thing. It's early on the East Coast of the US, but as people wake up you'll start getting some attention. This is a fascinating story.

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People who cruise are usually the same people who hate camping. I'm just saying.

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Most original AMA I've read in a long time, thank you!

I'm shocked that he neglected the fact that you need regular medical care and sunshine. You say he learned his lesson? Other than that he was a good master and thank god he respected your safe word!

It fascinates me that you somehow equated this to a second babyhood and seemingly managed to partially heal yourself from your lousy childhood through this.

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Hi Rodney!

When you're answering a question, please use the reply link under each posting instead of starting a new comment at the top of the screen. This keeps the questions next to the answers and lets the questioner know that you're answering them.