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How did you obtain most of your survival knowledge prior to landing your first real survival role? Courses, books, first hand experience, previous jobs, all the above, etc... I noticed you said courses, was there a ‘favorite/memorable’ course you teach/have taken?

If you could take 3 small items with you to fit in a fanny pack on a month long trek through the Rockies, what would you be sure to bring for best chances of comfortability, sustainability, survival?

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I am just a looooongtime festival goer (last big one was burning man 2016) who just enjoyed to toke up for most of it. No alcohol anymore even. I’ve seen crackdowns on it before but I’ve also come to realize a lot of those who work in this industry tend to be more educated and objective on the topic especially nowadays. Which you definitely seem to be! Appreciate you answering the question was just completely curious!

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Thoughts on weed?

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What are some other standout remote places that you’ve visited/experienced? Could be positive or negative!

Do you speak more then one language?

What’s a place still on your bucket list?

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What haunted attraction has legitimately scared YOU the most?