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Will there ever be another Space Balls movie?

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Do you ever highlight the atrocities committed by the Japanese and compare their numbers to the deaths involved with the holocaust during your teachings?

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Hehehe, both will still be better than movie 43 but good point, thanks for the dose of reality.

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I watched the fight tonight, there was a lot of speculation that the fight was thrown and it seemed I was the only one supporting your side. I can't judge your hooks since I've never been connected by one of yours personally.

After the fight though I started thinking perhaps a 1-2 minute rule for the opposing fighter to recollect themselves and continue fighting. How would you feel about this occuring?

(The way your hook made his jaw rattle in my opinion made this clear towards me, he came out too cocky and got served.)

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Ronda Rowsey admitted that having sex prior to a fight doesn't affect her. How do you feel about having sexual relations prior to a fight personally?